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The 2014 Commonwealth Games kicked off in Glasgow this week and what better way to celebrate than with a compilation of gorgeous Scottish terrier pics? It seems the Games organisers love these quintessential Scottish pooches just as much as we do, choosing them to boldly leading every nation as they made their way around the opening ceremony arena!

Fondly known by the locals as the ‘Scottie’, this tough highland breed may be small but they’re not afraid to stand their ground! Both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and George W Bush chose the feisty terriers as White House pets while Parker Brothers decided that the hairy pooch was the perfect choice for one of its world famous playing pieces.

Now you’re clued up on a little Scottish terrier history, let’s take a look at the 14 reasons why we love them!

They shamelessly stole the show at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Woof!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re not afraid to get their paws dirty!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re the perfect size to sneak into your suitcase…


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’ve well and truly mastered the art of ‘puppy dog eyes…’


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They may be small but they sure are speedy!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re always up for fun and games!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They are hands down THE CUTEST puppies!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They pull some pretty hilarious facial expressions…


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They have their balancing skills down pat! Yoga anyone?


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They know how to celebrate in style!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re pint sized adventurers at heart!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re curious, inquisitive and love to explore!


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They’re wise, kind and always ready to listen…


Image credit: BuzzFeed

They boast some pretty darn impressive facial hair…


Image credit: BuzzFeed

Thanks to BuzzFeed for the adorable Scotty images!

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