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Animal rescue organisation Hope For Paws has come to the aid of yet another neglected pooch who was found living under the shed of its deceased owner. Woody was discovered one year after his owner’s death when the house he had been living in went up for sale.

The poor pooch was in a bad way and had to be coaxed out of its hiding place by Eldad Hagar and his dedicated Hope For Paws team. With matted fur, a malnourished build and blind in one eye, the dog was barely alive.

Poor Woody was dusty, bedraggled and clinging to life.

Image credit: Hope For Paws

The full extent of Woody’s condition was revealed when groomers gave him a one over with the clippers, only to reveal a shockingly skinny frame. In a heart-breaking show of canine companionship, Woody became immediately attached to his rescuers after being neglected and deprived of human attention for so long. At first, the rescued pup refused to eat and had to be fed using an IV drip.

After a drastic haircut, the full extent of Woody’s condition came to light.

Image credit: Hope For Paws

Yet after a lot of love, attention and care, Woody has undergone a dramatic transformation. While he’s still blind on one eye, his coat is gleaming, his he’s a healthy weight and his tail is wagging with happiness.

Today, Woody is as happy as ever!

Image credit: Hope For Paws

Hagar’s friend Lisa Charelli is currently fostering the pooch however he’s currently in the process of permanent adoption with new owners. Thanks to this moving rescue video, Hope For Paws has received a huge amount of interest from potential pooch parents and is now sifting through applicants in order to find Woody the perfect forever home.

Check out the heart-warming video below to see Woody’s amazing rescue transformation.

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