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It’s International Assistance Dog Week and to celebrate, we’ve compiled this list of five amazing service dogs that deserve bucket loads of recognition. While many people view dogs as loyal companions and loving pets, a handful of super special canines dedicate their lives to helping humans stay safe, happy and healthy. Here are just a few of our favorite service dogs…

Seizure Assistance Dogs

Specially trained to help people with epilepsy or seizure disorders, these clever pooches carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. From raising the alarm when their owner is having a seizure to breaking any unexpected falls with their own backs, these incredible dogs definitely deserve a medal!

seizure dog

Image credit: BuzzFeed

Guide Dogs

These adorable pups are quite literally the eyes of people who are blind or suffer from visual impairments. Trained to respond to vocal commands, guide dogs will protect their owners from harm at all costs. Whether it’s crossing a busy road or boarding a train, these specially trained dogs are invaluable companions to those without eyesight.

Image credit: BuzzFeed

Allergy Dogs

When it comes to severe food allergies, a specially trained service dog could mean the difference between life and death. Trained to detect certain scents and smells, these pooches sniff out allergen agents that the human nose cannot detect.

allergy dog

Image credit: BuzzFeed

Mental Health Service Dog

While counselors and psychologists play an important role in mental health illnesses, sometimes it is the specially trained mental health service dogs that make the world of difference. Helping with everything from post traumatic stress disorder and depression to panic attacks and anxiety, our furry four legged friends have been scientifically proven to help humans overcome mental illness.

mental dog

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Mobility Dogs

If you’ve ever seen a dog open a door, pick up an item off the floor or even hand a wallet to a counter attendant, it’s not a coincidence. These pups are specially trained with a range of unique skills that help wheelchair bound people maintain their independence.

mobility dog

Image credit: BuzzFeed

Whether they’re acting as someone’s eyes or helping to overcome a mental illness, the intelligence and integrity of specially trained service dogs is truly incredible.

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