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It’s been a busy start to the week for The Humane Society of the United States, which has just rescued around 60 dogs and puppies from horrific living conditions in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. The pups were forced to live outdoors in inhumane conditions that left most of the dogs in dire need of veterinary attention.

Without clean water, adequate food and barely any shelter, the dogs were clearly suffering. From malnutrition, dehydration, broken limbs, open wounds, flea infestations and breathing problems, the array of ailments was heart breaking.

Just some of the dogs that were rescued from the Blue Mountain property.

MS Hoarding Rescue

Image credit: MyFoxMemphis

Joining the Humane Society were officers from the Tippah County Sheriff’s Office, who immediately issued the property owner with a search warrant and demanded that he surrender the animals. The Southern Pines Animal Shelter, Animal Rescue of Tippah County, Tupelo-Lee Humane Society and a team of local veterinarians were also on hand to help HSUS calm down the animals, treat any immediate conditions and transfer them to a local shelter.

Lydia Sattler, HSUS Mississippi state director was on the scene, saying “These dogs were forced to live outside with no water, suffering and in some cases dying from their circumstances. But starting today, they’ll have access to the basic care they so desperately need. We’re grateful to Tippah County Sheriff’s Office for taking action and asking us to help these animals.”

Without proper shelter, the dogs were forced to live in the dirt.


Image credit: MyFoxMemphis

The dogs have since been relocated to an emergency Tupelo animal shelter where they will receive thorough veterinary check overs, any necessary medical treatment and a whole lot of love and attention!

While it is a success story for this band of lucky pooches, Animal Rescue of Tippah County official Joe Murray maintains that the region still has a long way to go when it comes to stopping animal abuse…

What sort of person could subject puppies to those sorts of conditions?


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“There is no doubt that this action was long overdue,” he said. “But if Tippah County thinks they can pat themselves on the back for this operation they are only kidding themselves. Unfortunately, one rescue attempt is just a small dent in the animal crisis that plagues Tippah County and reinforces the incorrect image it is a backwater place to live.”

Thankfully, the fantastic teams involved in the rescue efforts are committed to changing this and we’ll be supporting them every step of the way!

This little guy looks more than happy to be whisked away to a better place!


Image credit: MyFoxMemphis

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