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After leaving the church one morning, Michael Mason’s attention was caught by a lone dog standing on the side of the road. However upon closer inspection, it turned out the pooch was not alone. The dog was standing guard over his injured companion, making sure that nothing could harm his wounded friend.

Mason was blown away by the clear emotion seen on the dog’s face, snapping a picture of the scenario which quickly went viral.

“The look on his face: ‘Can someone help me?’ He was watching over him like a guard dog,” he told US news station WSB-TV.

With an expression like that, it’s easy to see why this pic soon went viral.

Image credit: Michael Mason

The internet community were equally as intrigued by the dog’s incredible expression, the picture even being reposted by Kylie Szymanski of hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

“Pit bulls are always the first to be killed in a shelter but I know they are the best,” Szymanski wrote alongside her Facebook post.

When asked about his five minutes of internet fame, Mason was quick to maintain that the only thing going through his mind was the well-being of the dog.

“I never thought it would happen to me,” he told WSB-TV. “I wasn’t thinking about it. I was thinking about the dog.”

After snapping the poignant photo, the two dogs were quickly whisked away to the Fulton County Animal Shelter. Sadly, the vet couldn’t save the injured pup however its companion has been nicknamed Herman and is currently up for adoption.

Thanks to the kind folks at FCAS, Herman is being well cared for while he finds his forever home


Image credit: Friends of Fulton County Animal Services

The shelter is doing everything they can to find him a loving new forever home, posting on its Facebook page:
“Herman is very afraid here at the shelter and needs someone as loyal to him as he was to his friend in the street.”

“We are grateful someone stopped and cared enough to take a picture and share it to demonstrate the power of a dog’s love. And this sweet animal didn’t leave his friend when she was injured,” added Cicley Gay of the LifeLine Animal Project.

This is the face of a dog with a huge heart!


Image credit: Friends of Fulton County Animal Services

Thanks to WSB-TV for picking up this heartwarming story.

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