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Anyone who’s seen a good magic show will testify that at times, your mind is well and truly blown! No matter how hard you look, you just can’t seem to wrap your head around how the magician pulls of those mind boggling tricks. Apparently, dogs feel the same way…

This gentle giant may be big but a levitating sausage still freaks him out!

Image credit: Jose Ahonen

Dangle a sausage in front of a dog and it’s probably a given that they won’t think twice about gobbling it up. However when Finlandian magician, mentalist and visual artist Jose Ahonen amazingly levitates a sausage, some of these cute pups just don’t know what to do!

Mocca can’t quite seem to decide is she’s scared or hungry!


Image credit: Jose Ahonen

From sad and confused to downright scared, the reactions of these poor pooches makes you feel both amused and sympathetic at the same time!

Of course, there is the occasional unfazed dog that isn’t put off by a levitating sausage. After all, food is food right? Who cares if it’s magically floating in the air!?

This adorable puppy doesn’t let a little levitation ruin his snack!

Image credit: Jose Ahonen

The video is part of Ahonen’s ongoing video series, “Dogs Reacting To Magic Tricks.” Check out the video below!

For anyone who thought this was a bit of a cruel trick, rest assured that all the participating pups received their treat in the end!

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