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No one wants to travel without their best friend but traveling with a dog can be tricky. Every airline has it’s own rules and fees and it can get pretty confusing. So, here’s a handy guide to the dog eat dog world of flying with pets in the United States.


Air Canada almost lives up to the stereotype.

  • They allow: cats and dogs
  • For: $50-100 each way in cabin and $105 one way in checked baggage
  • In a kennel: in cabin – Not exceeding 21.5″ L x 15.5″ W x 9″ H (Hard-sided kennels ) or 21.5″ L x 15.5″ W x 10.5″ (soft-sided kennels) and under  22 lbs. (for both pet and carrier). In checked baggage – a carrier must be no more than 115″ in linear dimensions (L + W + H).

Note:You can’t bring your pet with you in-cabin if you’re traveling in Premium Economy, International Business Class, or on one of Air Canada’s three-cabin Boeing 777-300ER (77W) aircraft.

American Airlines  has some interestingly specific rules.


  • They allow: seven or fewer cats and dogs over 8 weeks old
  • For: $125 in cabin and $175 in checked baggage (no charge for service animals)
  • In a kennel: under 19″ L x 13″ W x 9″ H and 20 lbs. (both pet and carrier) with space for your pet to turn around.

Note: Brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs and cats are not allowed as checked luggage

Delta Air Lines doesn’t just hand out blankets, they have an inclusive pet policy.

  • They allow: up to four animals: dogs, cats, household birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and marmots, over 10 weeks old, in the main cabin (two if in an upgraded class) and reptiles, amphibians and fish as cargo
  • For: $125 in cabin each way
  • In a kennel: under 40” L x 27” W x 30” H and 31 lbs.

Note:Two pets between 10 weeks and 6 months of age are allowed to travel in the same kennel if they are of comparable size and weigh less than 20 lbs. each, and will be charged as one pet.

JetBlue offers the second best pet policy.

  • They allow: a limited number of pets (must call in advance) over 8 weeks old
  • For: $100 in cabin each way
  • In a kennelunder 17” L x 12.5” W x 8.5”  x 8.5” H and 20 lbs.

Note: TrueBlue members with pets earn 300 TrueBlue points for each pet fee paid

Baby Hope's doppelganger is flying high.

Baby Hope’s doppelganger is flying high.

Southwest Airlineswith its two free bags policy, regularly proves itself the thriftiest airline and its pet policy does not disappoint.

  • They allow: five or fewer small vaccinated over 8 weeks old cats and dogs under the seat in front of you
  • For: $95 in cabin each way
  • In a kennel: under 19″ L x 14″ W x 8.25″ H

United Airlines will help you keep you and your pet together.

  • They allow: four or fewer (one in upgraded classes) over 8 weeks old cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds  under the seat in front of you
  • For: $125 in cabin each way
  • In a kennelunder 17.5 ” L x 12 ” W x 7.5 ” (hard-sided) or 8″ L x 11″ W x 11″ H (soft sided)

Note: There is a $125 service charge for each over 4 hour stopover in the U.S.

US Airways wants your pet out of the belly of the plane.

  • They allow: one over 8 weeks old small dog, cat, or bird in-cabin and no pets in the cargo compartment
  • For: $125 in cabin each way
  • In a kennelunder 17 ” L  x 16 ” W x 8″ H (hard-sided) or 17″ L  x 16″ W  x 10″H (soft sided)

Note: Emotional support/service animals are allowed in-cabin. To make arrangements call Reservations at (800) 433-7300 at least 48 hours before your flight.

Boo Virgin America

Virgin America measures up to the hype when it comes to pet passage pricing.

  • They allow: one over 8 weeks old cat or dog in-cabin and no pets in the cargo compartment
  • For: $100 in cabin each way
  • In a kennel: under 18″ L x 15″ W x 8” H and 20 lbs, which must fit under the seat in front of you (soft recommended)

Note: Emotional support/service animals an ID card, harness, and a licensed medical professional’s letter to prove their necessity. They are not required to have a carrier.

Traveling outside of the United States? Click here to search airline regulations around the world.



Remember to always check with the specific airline before you fly and register your pet beforehand for the benefit of any other passengers with allergies.

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